Online Kursus Rumah Tangga Express 2021

A New Norm For Kursus Rumah Tangga

An Interactive Online Course From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

online kursus rumah tangga

What Is The Online Kursus Express?

We are in unprecedented times due to Covid-19 however, to adapt to the ever changing environment we have created this interactive live online course so that you and your partner would still be able to attend the course.

Our course contents still remains the same as the physical course and you will still be able to enjoy the same experience as Art of Marriage is known for which is INTERACTIVE, INFORMATIVE and most importantly FUN!

Online Kursus Express INFO

Course will be live on Zoom.

Total hours is 7 hours with breaks in between.

This course is in  Malay.
For course in English do click HERE

*Only for couples 21 years old and above.

Course will be on weekends.


$350 $250 per couple

(promotional offer and price might increase in the future)

Certificate will be mail out to you after the course.

Online Kursus Express SCHEDULE For 2021

 Course Will Be In Malay 

  • 27th & 28th March 2021
    (9am - 12.30pm on both days)


  • 10th April 2021
    1st session - 9am -12.30pm
    2nd session 2-5.30pm


  • 8th May 2021
    1st session - 9am -12.30pm
    2nd session 2-5.30pm

  • 29th May 2021
    1st session - 9am -12.30pm
    2nd session 2-5.30pm


  • 12th June 2021
    1st session - 9am -12.30pm
    2nd session 2-5.30pm

  • 26th June 2021
    1st session - 9am -12.30pm
    2nd session 2-5.30pm

FOR course in English do click the button below for the new cinta abadi online course

What Will You Get From The Online Course

Most Interactive & HAPPENING Kursus

We promise you that our Kursus will be very interactive as we believe that Kursus Rumah Tangga should be about the couple and not only to sit down and listen to a lecture! Art of Marriage is known for our Kursus Rumah Tangga paling HAPPENING and we SERIOUS to make things FUN for you.

Although there will be laughter, at the end of the day this kursus is for you to understand your partner on a deeper level. You will be having a lot of discussion and meaningful conversation with your partner during this course. You will also discover the following

– How To Win The Heart Of Your In-Laws
– How To Plan Your Finance As A Couple Without Quarrelling & Being Transparent With Money
– Understand Why Guys Seem Not To Care And How To Make Them Listen!
– Understand Why Girls Are Emotionally Wired & How To Get Them To Be Upfront With Their Problems! (P.S This got nothing to do with PMS)
– Understanding Your Partner’s Love Language
– What Causes Communication Breakdown & How To Avoid Them
– How To Have That Feeling of “Honeymoon Period” Even After Years Of Being Together
– And many more …

BONUS Online Learning - Learn At Your Own Convenience

Many have asked for our course to include Islamic element while there are others who do not want too much of it in a course. So what we do is when you register for our course, you will be able to gain access to our online course “Pasangan Neraka & Syurga” where we share Hukum dan Hakam didalam perkahwinan. This online course will cover topics such as the following:

– Hukum Pernikahan
– Persediaan Sebelum Nikah
– Syarat- Syarat Maskahwin
– Hantaran
– Rukun-Rukun Nikah
– Akhlak Dalam Rumah Tangga
– Dan banyak lagi…

This course is valued at $120 and will be inclusive of the Online Kursus Express 2.0. You will gain lifetime access to this online course where you can view this course anytime and anywhere you want to. The online link will be given to you once you registered for Kursus Express 2.0

**Cert is valid for 3 years**


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