How to stay Faithful and loyal to your Spouse or Partner

Like any strong relationship there comes a time when the strength of the trust, faith and ties of loyalty are tested. Sometimes it could be the presence of another person who seems temporarily a better alternative, at other times it could merely be the lack of value and interest in present partner and boredom in a relationship. However, any such momentary indiscretion or infidelity can break a relationship. Divorce lawyers and relationship counsels cite it as the most common reason for break ups and dissolved relationships. There is no water-tight plan other than the fact that you need to rteasure your relationship and partner enough to keep the relationship from breaking in this fashion.

‘How realistic is it to stay faithful to a Spouse in today’s society?’ A lot of modern people seem to ask. Well, a simple answer is, ‘Temptations and Opportunities were available throughout the history of mankind. It is the worthy who shone by staying loyal and honoring their faith. Staying devoted to your partner is not just an opinion, it is a voluntary choice. Quite clearly, a person who truly values a relationship and wants to stay in a marriage can certainly stay that way.

So how can you be faithful to your husband or wife?

Let’s be honest, there is a fair count of people who can get away with cheating their spouses. But a fair few get caught and end up with a broken relationship. Even if they don’t the guilt would most likely weigh on your conscience and haunt you for the rest of your married life. It doesn’t matter what is the gender statistics of a woman cheating on her husband or a man cheating on his wife, it is an awful feeling for both parties involved. We have collected some practical tips, just in case you were wondering how best to keep some of these marriages and fidelity aspects together:

1)     Don’t crave the days when you were single. The beginning of a healthy marital life begins with the acceptance and acknowledgment that you are no longer single. If you think it is too early, or too huge a commitment, maybe you shouldn’t be taking up the mantle at the first place. The vows are there to honor, but they are also built on faith, trust, loyalty and respect. Treat them like a thing to honor, respect and be accountable for. It is your responsibility to honor the vows you have taken at the time of marriage. If you are ashamed or trying to hide marital status with anyone, get rid of it! Share it with your colleagues and friends know that you are happily married and use all opportunities to show off your husband or wife.

2)     When you get married make sure that she or he is the one for you. A strong base of love, trust, friendship and commitment automatically weeds out the possible temptations to cheat.

3)     Putting yourself up for flirting, provocative attire, by dirty talking or behaving in lust with someone, you project the image of yourself that you are single. At that point, if there are advances and you give in; there is no one to blame but you. Behaving inappropriately with someone who is not your spouse sets you up for such a situation.

4)     Don’t allow yourself into a situation where you are alone with an opposite sex, especially if you are mildly intrigued or find them attractive. It creates a situation where temptations can be fueled without much ado and snowball into an untoward situation. Equally, avoid alcohol, drugs or any such substances which could end up with you losing control and with heaps of regret later.

5)     Be stern against advances which are clearly out of turn. Learn to read between the lines and signals from opposite sex aimed at tempting you away from your partner. Situations like these happen all the time and there are several people who are willing to lure you away despite knowing your status. Firmly remind them of your marital status and stay put.

6)     It is better to keep your spouse informed about your whereabouts and your plans, especially if you are potentially hanging out with people of opposite sex, rather than have them doubt your intentions if they find out later, or wonder and worry.

7)     Know the consequence of such an act of infidelity. Is it really worth it putting your lasting relationship, marriage and a wonderful life with your partner at risk with a momentary infatuation? If your spouse finds out, how do you stand to lose financially or otherwise from it? There are also enough risks of unwanted pregnancy and STDs from such actions.

Ultimately, being faithful or not is entirely your call, there is no single way to control or ask anyone to keep themselves in line with their vows of trust and loyalty. At the same time, the easiest deterrent is to think of how YOU would feel if you found out or your spouse confessed to cheating on you. That should help you come to terms better with the impact of such an act.

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