Kursus Rumah Tangga Express 2020


Currently all physical class is suspended till further notice. Do click HERE for our online class.

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Lebih Content!

Lebih Value!
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Basically anda hanya perlu datang ke kursus kami untuk SATU HARI sahaja tetapi akan dapat lebih banyak value seperti kursus 2 hari kami!

After serving more than 5,700 couples in Singapore, we have gather valuable feedback on how we could improve our Kursus Rumah Tangga to make it even better and with all the feedback we received we have come up with one of the MOST interactive Kursus that combine both ONLINE and OFFLINE learning.

PERTAMA di Singapura!

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Online Learning - Learn At Your Own Convenience

Many have asked for our course to include Islamic element while there are others who do not want too much of it in a course. So what we do is when you register for our course, you will be able to gain access to our online course “Pasangan Neraka & Syurga” where we share Hukum dan Hakam didalam perkahwinan. This online course will cover topics such as the following:

– Hukum Pernikahan
– Persediaan Sebelum Nikah
– Syarat- Syarat Maskahwin
– Hantaran
– Rukun-Rukun Nikah
– Akhlak Dalam Rumah Tangga
– Dan banyak lagi…

This course is valued at $120 and will be inclusive of the Kursus Express 2.0. You will gain lifetime access to this online course where you can view this course anytime and anywhere you want to. The online link will be given to you once you registered for Kursus Express 2.0

Most Interactive & HAPPENING Kursus

We promise you that our Kursus will be very interactive as we believe that Kursus Rumah Tangga should be about the couple and not only to sit down and listen to a lecture! Art of Marriage is known for our Kursus Rumah Tangga paling HAPPENING and we SERIOUS to make things FUN for you.

Although there will be laughter, at the end of the day this kursus is for you to understand your partner on a deeper level. You will be having a lot of discussion and meaningful conversation with your partner during this course. You will also discover the following

– How To Win The Heart Of Your In-Laws
– How To Plan Your Finance As A Couple Without Quarrelling & Being Transparent With Money
– Understand Why Guys Seem Not To Care And How To Make Them Listen!
– Understand Why Girls Are Emotionally Wired & How To Get Them To Be Upfront With Their Problems! (P.S This got nothing to do with PMS)
– Understanding Your Partner’s Love Language
– What Causes Communication Breakdown & How To Avoid Them
– How To Have That Feeling of “Honeymoon Period” Even After Years Of Being Together
– And many more …

The original value of this course is $540

- $120 for online course Pasangan Neraka & Syurga
- $420 is our previous Express Kursus Rumah Tangga price

TETAPI ... Sekarang

HANYA $210 $175 per person!

Harga ini untuk masa yang terhad sahaja dan akan naik tidak lama lagi jadi pleasssee book secepat mungkin.

**Cert is valid for 3 years**

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kursus rumah tangga cinta abadi 2020
kursus rumah tangga cinta abadi 2020
kursus rumah tangga cinta abadi 2020

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ANNOUNCEMENT - Due to the current covid-19 situation, all classes are suspended, we are only able to provide updates once suspension is lifted from the relevant bodies.



INVESTMENT FEES: Only $350 per couple

Inclusive of the following BONUSES only with Art of Marriage:

- 2 tea-breaks and 1 lunch
- FREE downloadable wedding planner/budget spreadsheet
- FREE ebook "Before I Do: Everything Your Parents Didn't Tell You About Getting Married"

FREE online course "Pasangan Neraka & Syurga"
- All course materials



*Course will be in Malay

- 4th January 2020
- 18th January 2020
- 1st February 2020
- 22nd February 2020
- 7th March 2020
- 21st March 2020
- 4th April 2020
- 18th April 2020
- 16th May 2020
- 13th June 2020
- 27th June 2020

All courses below is on the Saturday from 9am - 5pm.


Venue: *Kaplan City Campus @ PoMo
1 Selegie Road,
Singapore 188306

There might be a change of venue however, participants will be inform 1 week before the course date.

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