How to stay Faithful and loyal to your Spouse or Partner

Like any strong relationship there comes a time when the strength of the trust, faith and ties of loyalty are tested. Sometimes it could be the presence of another person who seems temporarily a better alternative, at other times it could merely be the lack of value and interest in present partner and boredom in a relationship. However, any such momentary indiscretion or infidelity can break a relationship. Divorce lawyers and relationship counsels cite it as the most common reason for break ups and dissolved relationships. There is no water-tight plan other than the fact that you need to rteasure your relationship and partner enough to keep the relationship from breaking in this fashion.

‘How realistic is it to stay faithful to a Spouse in today’s society?’ A lot of modern people seem to ask. Well, a simple answer is, ‘Temptations and Opportunities were available throughout the history of mankind. It is the worthy who shone by staying loyal and honoring their faith. Staying devoted to your partner is not just an opinion, it is a voluntary choice. Quite clearly, a person who truly values a relationship and wants to stay in a marriage can certainly stay that way.

So how can you be faithful to your husband or wife?

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How to address boredom in a Marriage?

In the busy, schedule-ridden, formulaic lives of today, couples inevitably find themselves falling out of the early, exciting phase of their relationships to a more stoic co-existence. While it all begins with fireworks in and outside the sheets, the lust gives away to warmth of married life as they ponder settling down into a more comfortable groove. However, overdoing the comfort zone disallows them to break out of it and soon enough, they slip into a passive steady state. It isn’t all bad. At this point their friendship matters much more than the mere sexual passion. However, this is also the time when the relative grounds of personal space, emotional equation and general behavior comes into account as the more evenly spread factors in the marriage. It is the beginning of occasional angry face-offs which show first signs of strain and moderate disruption in a relatively smooth equation.

However, it is the next phase which takes turn for more dangerous. Boredom can gnaw into the most steady of them all, as it offers no respite from the already over-packed schedules, familial tensions and other interruptions in daily life. The ennui gets problematic for a relationship when a steady state morphs from comfortable to stagnant.

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How to Connect Emotionally With Your Partner

make-connection-with-partnerConnecting emotionally with your partner is crucial in your relationship. Emotional connection is when one is able not to be present only physically but also emotionally. We are humans after all and we all yearn for love and connection since the day we were born. Usually when a quarrel happens, beneath all the harsh words lies a desire to reach out to their partner because they feel that they are losing their partner. One of the reason for insecurity is also because of the lack of connection. Most individual would feel insecure in their relationship. When insecurity happens in a relationship, quarrels and disagreement is bound to happen and what seems a minor thing would become an issue. Do you feel insecure in your relationship? In this post we discuss on the lack of emotional connection and how to overcome them.

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Excited to Launch Kursus Rumah Tangga Paling Happening!

We are the midst of taking in registration for the year 2014 kursus rumah tangga. This is just a quick shoutout on how excited we are in preparing this for you. Expect articles on relationship tips over this blog and what Art of Marriage is up to.

Till then we hope to see you at our courses!